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Fun Run for a Cause

People need to learn to differentiate between athletic activity and training. Running a 5K or swimming 30 laps at a steady-state pace is a great way to make yourself hungry or have fun on the weekend, but if you do it for your health without the proper strength and conditioning foundation, you are shooting yourself in the foot in the long-run.

In other words athletic activity, in and of itself, is not “healthy” and is not a “package deal”. It’s amazing how well marketing brainwashes people into thinking that they can just lace up some shoes and they will be on the way to looking like a cover model. Sorry folks…it doesn’t work that way.

Run because you like it. Swim because you like it. But if you are doing it with a goal for long-term coronary health or for vanity, you are largely wasting your time.

Here’s a tips!

fill up a milk jug and climb a flight of stairs…a flight that takes you about 10-15 seconds at the maximum. Use the time going back down the stairs as your “rest” and then do the climb again…no more or less than 20 seconds. Do this for 15 minutes. Or you can take two milk jugs or some simple dumbbells and do squats…2-5 reps, rest 20 seconds, and then repeat for a total of 15 minutes. Once it gets cumbersome to do at home, then you will be ready to graduate to a gym.

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